Soon-to-be-married couples planning an engagement photography session may be feeling a mix of excitement, nervousness, and joy. This is a truly remarkable time for all couples to experience, and engagement photos help capture the moment before your big wedding day. With all that excitement and preparation for the big day ahead, it's easy to forget the basics.

Here is our list of the top things you can't forget to bring on your wedding engagement photography session in Florida.

Neck Fans

If you’ve ever spent any time in Florida in the summer then you know that the heat can quite literally be oppressive. Not only is the heat bad, but what makes it so uncomfortable is the humidity! The last thing you want to experience in a romantic engagement photography session is feeling like you stepped into a sauna! 

While there’s no perfect way to escape the heat/humidity, having a handy neck fan can make all the difference in the world. We own some ourselves that we bring every summer to our outdoor weddings when shooting in the Florida environment and let me tell you, they work! I don’t know what we would’ve done without them!

We love this neck fan because it’s handsfree and cools both sides of your head and neck. 

Tote Bag

Can you ever have enough Tote Bags? Any time we’re out and about and I see a nice canvas tote I always try to pick it up. Having a tote can be such an indispensable tool to have because they’re usually so cheap (which we all love, am I right?), no frills with just one pocket, and they’re usually large enough to carry tons of things inside.

Couples on their engagement photography sessions are stuck holding all of their things from place to place, so tote bags are super helpful. Sometimes we even go to multiple places and when the sun is setting you’re going to want to move quickly. 

Here’s the tote bag we love.

Waterproof Bag

Okay…it’s Florida. You already know the drill. You can be having the most beautiful sunny day, enjoying the breeze outdoors and maybe even getting a little tan and then all of the sudden it starts to thunderstorm! Florida’s weather has a mind of its own and will turn on you in minutes. The last thing you want is to be caught in a storm running back to your car trying not to drop your phone, wallet, keys, purse, nice leather shoes, etc. and possibly damage any of them from the rain!

All of that can be saved by bringing a simple plastic bag and throwing it in your tote! Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this simple trick. All it takes is to bring one of those thousands of Target bags I know you have stuffed in a cabinet in your kitchen.

Rain Shoes or Sandals

So…it starts to storm and we’re all running back to the car trying to keep at least one inch of our clothing dry and you’ve put all of your things into the plastic bag and stuffed it into your tote, what about your shoes? It’s always a good idea to bring a pair of waterproof sandals with you to change into since you’ve already put your nice shoes in the bag. Your nice expensive shoes will thank you! 

Here are the waterproof shoes we love.

Makeup Blotting Paper

Ladies, you already know you’re going to sweat, we’ve already covered that. And, you may have spent tons of time putting your makeup on or you went to the salon and had your pre-wedding trial done with your stylist and make up artist before your engagement photos. You’re going to sweat so make sure you bring those handy little make-up blotting papers.

You’re going to want makeup blotting paper handy.

Bug Spray

I don’t even think I need to cover the importance of this at all, but I will. Do not forget bug spray! You can always dry off, you’ll live if you start to sweat, you can carry your things without a bag, but you will not enjoy one moment of the shoot if mosquitoes start to bite you. We have been on shoots where it's a perfect day and perfect location but when the mosquitoes began to bite those shoots quickly became rushed and uncomfortable.

You will 1,000% need this bug spray.


You will always need to bring water no matter what activity you do in the summer, so  make sure you don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you!

While most of these items would seem obvious to bring, many of our couples don’t have them. We just want you and your fiancé to have the most romantic time together making memories that will last a lifetime! If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Jacksonville, contact us to learn more about our services and availability.

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