Jeff and Skylain have been together for almost 10 years and married for 3 years now, so when they asked me to do an anniversary shoot to celebrate their love I was thrilled! Skylain sent me a few ideas for a location, she had her heart set on a beautiful beach shoot! She was definitely not afraid to get her feet wet, Skylain's idea was to get a few shots in the waves so of course I was like, "YAS LET'S DO IT!" I am not sure if she thoroughly explained this to her hubby though because when she started dragging him into the waves he seemed a little confused, LOL! Never the less, this couple was so much fun to shoot and they clearly are so deeply in love. We are putting a 10 year anniversary shoot on the books soon, so if you can't tell I am SO EXCITED!

If you're interested in your own anniversary shoot, get in touch below!